A 4×4 humanitarian act of love

Alin Popescu

18 Dec 2017

Starting 2018 I'll only use One Lens

A 4x4 humanitarian act of love

Every weekend before Christmas and Easter this group of 4x4 enthusiasts does something worthy of everyone’s admiration. They’re called Off-Road Adventure Romania and this was their 36th action of this kind. Among many others.

They are gathering basic aliments and products needed for a day-to-day survival and are distributing them to the people in most need from the isolated villages in the Romanian mountains.

The access there is by no means easy and plenty of the elders living there are in complete isolation during winter season, with no neighbours, family or administration representatives visiting them for months. God knows how they are surviving.

No roads, mostly no electricity and a far away water resource. This is the day-to-day life of our compatriots we barely know about.

This year Caravana cu Medici (Doctor’s Caravan) joined the action to provide on-site health checks and treatments. Surprisingly (or not) this is what a medical doctor told me during the action:

These elders are way healthier than younger people from the cities… This guy was 86 and he had the blood-pressure of a pilot. Never took a pill in his life…

So living on the edge with only natural resources has its own benefits. But finally the age takes its share and they cannot work hard every day to sustain themselves.

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